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Sometimes getting to the root of the problem requires a fresh perspective. That's where we come in. As a newcomer, we are able to ask questions, talk to the engineers, spend time with the machine operator, and partner with the right people to solve the problem. 

Our consulting services have produced some great results over the years. We have designed, developed and implemented products and processes for industries ranging from poultry to industrial motors. Some solutions have been implemented across multiple facilities. Others have become industry standards. Almost all have produced measurable cost savings, decreased down time, and increased operational efficiency. 

Whitestone Material Handling Consultants

Material Handling

We have over thirty years of material handling experience, including long-standing relationships with an extensive range of suppliers. Based in Northwest Arkansas, we partner with manufacturers in Arkansas and the surrounding areas. 

Our reputation has been built on our commitment to providing the right solutions for our clients and treating their business like it's our own. So what does this really mean? To us, it means finding the real problem and fixing it in order to save our customers money in the long run. It means providing products that a customer actually needs. It means clear, timely communication and delivering exactly what we've committed to delivering. It means doing business the right way.  

Material Handling Equipment

Injury Prevention

Proper biomechanics are critical to maintaining a safe working environment. By analyzing the movement patterns of employees with repetitive motion tasks, a medical professional can identify increased risk of injury and train associates to employ proper techniques, thus reducing the likelihood of injury. In previous studies, injury prevention sessions have measurably reduced the number of work-related medical claims in manufacturing facilities.  


So how does it work?

An initial consultation is scheduled with the facility's management team, then a licensed physical therapist will take each employee through a series of tests to assess their risk of job-related injury, provide corrective techniques, and schedule regular follow up sessions to ensure adoption of best practices.

Work Injury Prevention
Injury Prevention
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